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NVQ Certificates and Diplomas

NVQs are extremely versatile vocational qualifications based on a “credit score” system. Each unit (whether mandatory or optional) carries a credit score and the Award, Certificate or Diploma is achieved by reaching the relevant score. There are a wide range of optional Units with each qualification ensuring they are appropriate for people in a variety of job roles.

The strength of these Certificates and Diplomas is that they ensure candidates can demonstrate how they are able to transfer their knowledge into the workplace via practical application. In this way improvements in practice are maintained. Our experience is that they are still relevant, and have proved useful, to those with academic and/or professional qualifications. As long as there will be an opportunity to practise relevant skills, they can be used as a developmental framework linked to an individual’s learning plan.

The testimonials section on the site contains a number of comments from people who have thoroughly enjoyed undertaking their qualification, have gained in confidence and grown their abilities for the benefit of their team and organisation.

The following qualifications can be undertaken via Amethyst:-


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