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Development review and performance management systems

Performance management is becoming an increasingly important element of people management within organisations.

The demise of the default retirement age, changes to job roles, redundancy situations and increased use of technology can all mean that there is likely to be an increasing need to use capability procedures.

Robust and reliable systems, understood and properly followed by managers, form a vital part of performance management. People are becoming more resentful and intolerant of poor performance by other team members and this can lead to demotivation if left unactioned by a manager.

Amethyst works with organisations to encourage:-

Development reviews (appraisals)

Such reviews play an important role in managing people. Amethyst has extensive experience of working with organisations. Sometimes the role has been from inception, helping to design the paperwork, policy and procedures prior to training all managers and staff in its introduction.
On other occasions the form and procedures have already been agreed and we have undertaken the training of all relevant staff.

Clients for such work have included private sector clients, local authorities and schools, voluntary organisations, NHS and several of the colleges within Cambridge University.