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Equality and diversity

The drive for equal opportunities has been a feature of employment law for a considerable number of years. However the emphasis on equality and diversity has only really come to the fore over the past few years.

The phrase “equality and diversity” still appears to confuse managers and staff and many people do not seem to be able to clearly relate the concept to their personal actions in the workplace.

Amethyst has worked with organisations to help in the following ways:-

Dignity and respect at work training

The Equality Act became law in October 2010 and was introduced to bring together various strands of employment law covering aspects of equality.

We have created a Dignity and Respect at Work workshop that can be adapted to align with your organisation’s own policies and will reflect your own wording when giving definitions. It covers all the key topics required by the Equality Act and helps employees to understand in practical terms (a) what kind of behaviours are required from them and (b) what their rights are. This bespoke workshop can be designed to fit with your organisational culture and highlight the particular points you, as an employer, wish to make.

This is fast becoming our most popular workshop and each time it has been delivered we have received very positive feedback from employees and employers, who have been delighted with the results.