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Management Development

Amethyst specialises in developing leadership and management skills at all levels and in all types of organisations. Many managers in the UK have received little or no skills development to help them manage people effectively and consequently do not have the required tips and techniques at their finger tips. As a result many people quote the way they are being managed as a major reason for demotivation. The result is often poor productivity, poor quality and absenteeism.

This is a very topical subject at the present time when the Government is questioning the UK’s leadership and management abilities.

There are a number of ways in which such skills can be developed, ideally against a management competency framework relevant to the culture and work of the organisation.

Transition to management

This is one of the most difficult times for a manager. Stepping into the first supervisory or management position is stepping into the unknown. A good induction into the new
job role and some basic management training is vital. If this is not provided learning is
usually as a result of “getting it wrong”.

Management training and development

This can be provided in a number of ways including:-

* each of these items is covered in one of the following pages

Importance of chance to practise

Once management training and development is offered and taken up, it is vital that support is offered to help managers practise their new skills. All too often managers attend a workshop, believe it to be useful but then because of the pressure of the day to day operation, do not put any changes or improvements into practice.