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The following psychometrics can be offered. These can be used in conjunction with recruitment, individual and/or team development, team building or coaching and mentoring.

Myers Briggs Preferred Working styles (MBTI)

An individual psychometric that has proved to be extremely accurate in its profiles. Based on the Jungian concept it helps people to understand their strengths, areas for development and why they respond to situations in certain ways. It creates a greater self awareness and can be used in team building to reduce conflict.
Available in a self-scorable format, it is easy to complete and results can be provided quickly.
The main aspects of this profile appear to change little with age or different job roles

Belbin team roles

Can be used when considering the balance within a team and the way in which individuals can contribute to the team. However the ability to play various roles will vary considerably depending upon the current requirements of the job being carried out, so this is a short term, rather than long term, psychometric, providing a snapshot in time.

Clarity4D colour profile

Another Jung based psychometric, this profile is completed online via a forced choice questionnaire of 20 questions. Experience has shown to date that this can provide an extremely accurate profile. The results are provided to show a 4 colour graphic of the person, two pages of text on preferred working styles, followed by pages showing perceived strengths, areas for development and sections for other colleagues to comment on accuracy.
It can be used for recruitment and individual development. There is a team profiling facility and it can therefore be used by team members as part of a team building exercise, particularly around effective communication.

Honey & Mumford Preferred Learning styles

Can offer the above questionnaire (manual format) so that people can understand their preferred learning styles and therefore the most appropriate learning activities for them to use.